So here is a little more information about the author of this blog, myself!




I grew up in South San Francisco, California, which is more like the suburbs and not the actual city. I grew up somewhat shy and more introverted, but in high school I broke out of my shell and became more outgoing and social. Although I’m a lot different personality-wise in comparison to when I was younger, I still retain my “nerdy” personality to some extent. I consider myself a huge fan of video games and I love watching anime and professional wrestling (WWE). I’m the oldest of two brothers, one of which actually goes to SJSU as a second year.


I’m a 5th year advertising major at SJSU and have an interest in pursuing a career in digital marketing. I like the idea of the digital side of marketing (SEO, social media, content, analytics, big data) because it challenges both your left and right side of your brain. You combine your creativity with analysis of big data and factual information. Currently, I work as a marketing intern at a company called Macate Group, which is located in Santa Clara next to the Levi’s Stadium. They specialize in cyber security, secure mobile devices, and Platform as a Service (PaaS).


In my free time, I like to hang out with my friends and attend music festivals. To name a few, I’ve been to Hard Summer, Beyond Wonderland, EDC, and Coachella (my favorite). I also like to travel with my family/friends. I’d consider myself as a person who is usually down to try new things. I live my life spontaneously and believe that going with the flow is the best way to live. One of the biggest motivators in my life is seeing personal growth in myself. I really like to compare myself to a year ago, even a month ago, and see the different obstacles/challenges that I’ve had to overcome and how they’ve helped me grow as an individual.