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(c.) http://bit.ly/2hHwr3E

Driving around in the city can be very stressful, especially if you’re an Uber or Lyft driver. Here are some tips to stay calm and maximize your profits!

Timed Green Lights

  • Ever get keep running into those annoying red lights? A few one-way streets have timed stoplights, meaning you’ll hit one green after another if you stay at a constant speed. Try to maintain a speed of 25-35 MPH!


Turning Cars Can Slow You Down

  • While driving down major two-way streets, such as California or Lincoln, you don’t want to get stuck behind someone trying to make a left-hand turn across traffic. This is especially annoying when it happens almost every other street. In order to avoid this, try to be aware of other cars’ turn signal. Switch lanes when necessary to make the most out of your time spent on the road. Just make sure to look over your shoulder and signal early!

AT&T Park

  • When there’s a giants game or other event, the area around AT&T Park is often a massive traffic jam and some roads close to private drivers. This can be very stressful if you end up getting stuck in these traffic jams. The best way to avoid the traffic is to try to pick up and drop off passengers south of the park near Berry and 4th, or north near Pier 40. These ares are much less congested.