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(c.) http://www.sjsu.edu/

In the past 4 years I’ve attended San Jose State University, I’ve not only acquired a great education, but have also met some amazing people that I can definitely see becoming my lifelong friends.

I came here in 2012 as a freshman and moved into the Bricks dorm building known as Washburn Hall. To this day, I still talk to my friends that I met in the dorms. Not only that, but we hang out quite frequently. SJSU has been very kind to me. I’ve learned what my skills are and where my strengths align.

I’ve learned how to use great software that will add to my resume and make me a more attractive candidates during job interviews. I plan on graduating this upcoming spring semester, and after college I plan on pursuing a career in digital marketing. The skills I learned in MCOM 63 have been very valuable in my plans on achieving my goals. WordPress is a great content management website that companies all over the Silicon Valley utilize in their marketing efforts.

Now that it’s the end of another semester at SJSU, I grow even closer to graduation. When the day finally comes for me to graduate college, I know I will have all the skills needed to start my career out side of school.