(c.) http://bit.ly/2gTX70S
(c.) http://bit.ly/2gTX70S

Companies relating to the sharing economy are proving to be very lucrative these days. Other than that, they are also helping users live their lives in ways that they have only dreamed of.

How exactly? Here’s how!

Provides Convenience

  • Uber and Lyft are two of the most well known sharing economy companies that are making it easier and quicker for people to get around. They offer a great service that lets people worry about one less thing. The hassle of finding Instead of wasting time on public transit, worrying about who will be the designated driver on a night out or waiting unnecessarily for a taxi to stop, people can get instant access to rides. The sharing economy has definitely made my life a lot more convenient!

Additional Work Opportunities 

  • The increased amount of sharing economy companies around the Bay Area introduces thousands of new jobs. These jobs are a easy and convenient way to make a living! I’ve worked at both Uber, Lyft, and DoorDash before and they were all great experiences.

Traveling is Cheaper 

  • With companies like Airbnb offering cheaper alternatives to hotels, traveling is now more cheaper than ever before! Combine that with cheap Uber/Lyft rides instead of taxis, and you open up the opportunity for people to start traveling. Just make sure to plan ahead when booking an Airbnb!