Sharing Economy In the Bay Area


December 2016

Personal Story: My experience attending SJSU


In the past 4 years I’ve attended San Jose State University, I’ve not only acquired a great education, but have also met some amazing people that I can definitely see becoming my lifelong friends. Continue reading “Personal Story: My experience attending SJSU”


Tips for driving in San Francisco


Driving around in the city can be very stressful, especially if you’re an Uber or Lyft driver. Here are some tips to stay calm and maximize your profits! Continue reading “Tips for driving in San Francisco”

Is there racism in the sharing economy?


The subject of racism has become an issue on the platforms of some of the Bay Area’s best tech companies, and experts say the business models of the “sharing economy” could keep startups from addressing the issue. Based my own personal experiences as both an Uber and Lyft driver, this revelation is quite shocking. Continue reading “Is there racism in the sharing economy?”

3 ways the Sharing Economy is helping people


Companies relating to the sharing economy are proving to be very lucrative these days. Other than that, they are also helping users live their lives in ways that they have only dreamed of. Continue reading “3 ways the Sharing Economy is helping people”

Uber: A tip guide on how to navigate through the app


How To Use Uber 101

Based on my past experience as a driver and rider, here’s some advice on how to use the Uber app! Continue reading “Uber: A tip guide on how to navigate through the app”

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