(c.) https://dogvacay.com/
(c.) https://dogvacay.com/

Do you own a pet? Have you ever needed someone to watch your dog while you were out of town but didn’t have anyone who was available? DogVacay is the answer to your problems!


Founded in 2011, DogVacay is an online community that connects pet parents with pet sitters across the country, ready to care for your dog like a member of their family. It’s a safe, convenient and affordable way to make sure your best friend is in a loving home while you’re away.


All reservations include pet insurance, 24/7 customer support, and daily photo updates of your pooch enjoying a “vacay” of his own. With thousands of 5-star reviews and prices that average half the local kennel, you can finally travel with peace of mind. It’s a great company that offers a great service to people who really need a little extra help taking care of their beloved pets.


The origins behind DogVacay began in 2012 with Aaron Hirschhorn and Karine Nissim, a couple who were frustrated with paying hundreds of dollars to leave their dog locked up in a depressing kennel every time they went out of town. When Aaron and Karine started opening up their own home to guest pooches, they realized they were onto something special. Eventually,  animal enthusiasts from all over the country applied to join the community and welcome dogs to their homes.


Another great idea that is made possible by new technologies and the sharing economy. Next time you need someone to watch your dog, don’t forget to contact DogVacay!